Value In Electing Women Political Action Committee (VIEWPAC) was founded in 1997 by female Republican Members of Congress and professional women to help elect qualified, viable Republican women to Congress. VIEWPAC is governed by a voluntary Advisory Board responsible for strategic decisions relating to engagement in key federal races.  Incumbent GOP women in the House and Senate attend VIEWPAC events, but they have no official operational role.

VIEWPAC is exclusively dedicated to protecting and increasing the number of Republican women in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. Our singular goal is to strategically provide financial support where and when it is needed most; whether it be for a vulnerable incumbent or a competitive candidate.  Since we began our mission over 25 years ago, VIEWPAC has directly contributed and helped to raise over $36,000,000 for Republican women running for Congress.

VIEWPAC strives to support credible, serious, electable Republican women running for federal office and encourages others to do the same.  What began as a way to raise money and contribute money now also serves as a network of people who care about helping other women succeed.  More women are taking the leap to run for federal office, in part because they believe they will have the support they need to be successful.  Learn more about the candidates we support.

While VIEWPAC has done more to support Republican women running for federal office than any other PAC entity in history, we are far from accomplishing our mission.  With our historic success in 2020 and majority making victories in the House in 2022, we are fully committed to protecting our newly elected women and continuing to grow our caucus in both Chambers. VIEWPAC will be putting a renewed focus on utilizing its independent expenditure component to strategically deploy voter contact efforts on the ground and on the airwaves to support our vulnerable incumbents and competitive challengers when and where they need it the most.  Learn more about our IE component.