What is VIEW PAC?

Value In Electing Women Political Action Committee (VIEW PAC) was founded by female Republican Members of Congress and professional women to provide a fundraising source for Republican women candidates running for the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. VIEW PAC was created for the singular purpose of electing qualified Republican women to federal office. Whether it be for endangered incumbents or viable challengers, VIEW PAC’s aim is to strategically raise and contribute hard dollars where they’re needed most.
A non-connected committee registered with the Federal Election Commission, VIEW PAC has directly contributed, and helped to raise, over $2,750,000 to Republican women candidates since our inception in 1997. Membership is open to women and men who share our goal of increasing the number of Republican women serving in Congress.

What is VIEW PAC’s mission?

VIEW PAC’s mission is to raise money for direct financial contributions to viable Republican women candidates for Congress. The PAC has no litmus test and concentrates its efforts on providing financial support to the candidates by donating directly to their campaigns and by encouraging others to do the same. Not only does VIEW PAC serve an important mission to increase the ranks of Republican women in Congress, but it also allows the contributing members to network with others who share this goal.